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Who Are We

Inner Balance is a special project and dream that was born in my heart a few years ago and aims to help people find healing through Chinese Medicine and bring their bodies back to balance.

I have always been a Holistic Medicine lover and passionate to help people’s lives by enhancing their health and well-being, so I believe in an effective result in a natural way, being them in the short or long term, adding several techniques within Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, auriculotherapy, moxa, gua sha and tuina, to give personalized service.

Every person is unique and I work intuitively to draw upon my expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge of my practice, to meet the individual needs and treat the very root of each problem. Understanding each individual physically and emotionally in the context of their lifestyle providing a customised treatment plan for you and your concerns.

Inner Balance is a clinic that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine along with elements of Western Medicine, helping you to reactivate and restore your inner potential.

  Juliana Reis

Welcome to Inner Balance!

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Pure Bliss

Stress, anxiety, insomnia

and depression





Energy Booster

Improve immunity

and recover from sports


Quick Relieve

Any body pain


Peace of Mind

Headache, migraine

and TML pain





Pick Me Up

Fatigue, after recover from a period of illness, depression, long COVID and burnout

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Just For Me

Customised service

 Please contact for any questions & appointments        +44 7395807558

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